You know one of those people who like to ponder the meaning of life? well...i'm running for president of that club!

Tirivamwe || Shona word; Tiri = We are, Vamwe = The same

Born out of a yearning for home having migrated from Zimbabwe in 2002, Tirivamwe has come to be a safe space for me 

It is my hope that in allowing myself to be led by that which i can neither see nor explain that you too might create space to listen, to see, to feel and to trust in your life's rhythms.

From my childhood bedtime ritual of standing at my bedroom window in search of the brightest star to wish upon, to my search on the streets of manchester for the colours of a home left behind, to prints worn like love letters on the streets of London, to symbols of crowns on my head. 

Tiri is a space for all to honour self, to share in nourishment and to celebrate collective wellbeing. I believe deeply that self-care should ultimately lead towards social wellness..

I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to experience our curated wellness spaces or have an idea for a collaboration click the mail icon below and i will write back.


Rambisayi Marufu